Âteş-i aşkın harâb etti dil-i nâlânımı

Classical Turkish music. Its lyrics are in Ottoman Turkish (in Latin alphabet), not modern Turkish. It’s difficult to understand today for us without the help of Ottoman-Turkish dictionary.. It’s a song that presents feelings from another century, so beautiful and so naive.

Music: Hafız Yusuf Efendi
Lyrics: Unknown
Maqam/melodic mode: Hicaz

A man loves a woman, his love burns in his heart and destroys it. A sad darkness surrounds him. He wants from his lover to hear his weeping and not to destroy his ruined heart any more.

Its lyrics:

Âteş-i aşkın harâb etti dil-i nâlânımı
Dud-i endûh-i melâmet kapladı her yanımı
Sevdiğim lutfeyle gûş et nâle vü efganımı
Yapmadın gel bari yıkma hatır-ı viranımı


Rikkat Uyanık


Necdet Cici


Emel Sayın

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